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Tax Mania Impedes Oregon’s Pot Program Ahead of Implementation

pot-taxHow a state will benefit from marijuana excise tax revenues is a central plank of any cannabis legalization rhetoric. Initiative petitioners and campaign supporters of marijuana legalization efforts often stridently extol the expected impact marijuana excise taxes will have on social programs that provide crucial services to their state’s most vulnerable citizens.… Read the rest

CannaBusiness Security: Go Beyond Compliance

cannaguard-shieldEvery Cannabis business has unique security needs, including type of business, location, size of facility, and of course budget. With this information in mind, it’s beneficial to do the research on what is truly needed for your facility, or to select a security company that has done the research for you.… Read the rest

MBank Balks! Blumenauer Demands Answers!

MBank Backtracks on Colorado Plans

Well, that was fast.

About a week after rolling out banking services to Colorado’s marijuana industry, Portland-based MBank made a quick about-face and picked up their marbles and left, closing accounts and quitting their attempt to provide banking services to Colorado’s approximately 2,200 legal marijuana businesses.… Read the rest

MMJ Schmooze

4th Annual Conference in Eugene March 15th-16th.

Conference-bot and medical marijuana card clinic king Alex Rogers has put together another impressive cannabis industry conference — this one scheduled for March 15 and 16th at the Hilton in downtown Eugene.

As is typical of a Rogers conference, the speakers are impressive and the activities and events offer genuine utility to attendees.… Read the rest



As one of Oregon’s most experienced providers of marijuana enterprise startup, licensing and compliance expertise, the Green Rush Advisory Group is uniquely qualified to help you establish your Measure 91 business.
Green Rush has helped hundreds of Pacific Northwest entrepreneurs startup, license and properly operate legal marijuana businesses.

Our regulatory and compliance acumen, and substantial and diverse marijuana industry experience, empowers our clients with a beginning-to-end advocacy that enables sure-footed navigation of the Measure 91 startup and licensing process and brings clarity and velocity to your Measure 91 enterprise.

Green Rush’s project management approach to Measure 91 licensure includes access to our curated network of Northwest cannabis professionals with proven track records in the marijuana industry. From security to traceability to financing and banking to accounting and even facility site acquisition or fabrication, Green Rush’s unparalleled and hard-earned vendor connectivity accelerates your ROI and the implementation of your Measure 91 business plan.

Please call Green Rush Advisory Group founder F. Thurston Pearson to discuss how we can help you startup and license your Measure 91 Producer, Processor, Retailer or Wholesaler marijuana business. Call (888) 743-0569